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          Contact Us

          Hangzhou Ocean chemical Co.,Ltd.

          Address:12A04, Ocean Blue Fortune Center, 318 Baishi Lane, Hangzhou, XiaCheng District , Hangzhou, 

                        Zhejiang Province, China


          Website: www.sss88.com.cn


          The way our staff deal with people and things represents the company's external image. Our staff need not only a healthy body and mind, but also a good moral standard and professional quality. We should be honest and trustworthy with a cheerful personality, and have the ability of resisting pressure and frustration, work conscientiously and carefully with a proactive attitude.

          The company's business involves the inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, applied chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, chemical engineering and technology, chemical analysis and instrument, quality control, etc. Therefore, we need people with expertise and background in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and biology.

          In daily work, English is the most common language in addition to native language. We need people who are proficient in writing, good at listening and speaking, have better interpersonal and negotiation skills, and have continuous learning ability.

          Proficient in the use of various Office software such as Micro Office, WPS, Foxmail, Outlook, Adobe, good at using the Internet search tools, instant messaging, social networking, and a little understanding of data construction, network marketing and promotion, network information technology and so on.

          The core of the company's work is to provide customers with services, to provide support for colleagues. Staff must have a strong sense of service, team spirit, can obey the company arrangements and consciously comply with the company's rules and regulations.