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          Hangzhou Ocean chemical Co.,Ltd.

          Address:12A04, Ocean Blue Fortune Center, 318 Baishi Lane, Hangzhou, XiaCheng District , Hangzhou, 

                        Zhejiang Province, China


          Website: www.sss88.com.cn

          Contract Manufacturing

          The contract research and making to order (CRMO) is customize specific chemical production according to the chemical structure or special quality specifications required by the customers. We insist on providing customers with efficiency, high quality and competitive price customized services, and undertake customized services which range from gram to tonnage, lab test, pilot test to commercial production.

          The ocean chemical has shown exceptional strength in the field of contract customization.The company has a group of highly qualified, highly educated and professional chemical talents, and has established a long - term production relationship with many well-known universities, leading enterprises and research institutions. Trial and error in development, the company has accumulated abundant practical experience in the research of customized project prospect, selection of process route design, production expectation and commercial production.The business core is high-end new products with higher scientific and technological content, more environmentally friendly production process, and larger market potential. We already have multiple knockout products which have technical advantage, cost advantage and scale merit.

          Our cooperative enterprises have advanced proprietary and multifunctional production equipment, precision testing instruments, perfect quality control system, and the company has set up more scientific and perfect process system and quality management system to provide tests of compound synthetic records (original records of synthesis, TLC figure, etc.), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC) and Mass Spectrometry (MS), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR), etc. According to customer needs, the company in strict accordance with the terms of the confidentiality agreement to provide service of synthetic route design, process optimization, custom synthesis, product purification and structure identification, etc. We can provide the target compounds and ensure the stable quality in the shortest time.

          The company has the perfect document management system and technical data management rules to ensure the customer's technical data and commercial confidential security.

          We can sign special confidentiality regulations to protect the long-term interests of customers, whether it be the customer's original research technology or the enterprise's improvement methods.

          We sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to negotiate business, and we will provide the most thoughtful and rigorous service.We hope that through continuous efforts and accumulation to become a domestic high-end synthetic service custom supplier.

          The company’ customized service process