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          Contact Us

          Hangzhou Ocean chemical Co.,Ltd.

          Address:12A04, Ocean Blue Fortune Center, 318 Baishi Lane, Hangzhou, XiaCheng District , Hangzhou, 

                        Zhejiang Province, China


          Website: www.sss88.com.cn

          Complaint management

          Customer complaints registration - Quality assurance department of commerce have started over research according to the customer complained product. To start to test analysis of complainted of corresponding. batch sample , (on a sample survey/analysis must be done within a week), determine the liability according to the investigation and analysis of the results.

          Quality assurance department t:be responsible for the quality of customer complaints received, survey and reply; The ministry of commerce: be responsible for the quality of customer complaints received, investigation and reply.

          Relevant responsible units: a. cause analysis of customer complaints, b. and formulate corrective and preventive action, implementation; C. customers complain the corrective and preventive measures of effect is confirmed.