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          Contact Us

          Hangzhou Ocean chemical Co.,Ltd.

          Address:12A04, Ocean Blue Fortune Center, 318 Baishi Lane, Hangzhou, XiaCheng District , Hangzhou, 

                        Zhejiang Province, China


          Website: www.sss88.com.cn

          Corporate philosophy

          Our mission

          To create higher value for customers and provide better opportunities for employees. Ocean was determined by the best quality products, the most abundant product structure, the best service and team, to meet the needs of customers, even exceed the customer's expectation, always respond to the market demand, keep innovating, and realize the economic and social value of the company synchronously.

          Our vision

          The development vision of the company is around the core business, through strengthening upstream and downstream alliance, to speed up the implementation of resource, business area layout, improving ability of supply chain management, the industry value-added service ability, based on competition in the market, providing customers with more comprehensive chemical solutions, to become a excellent chemical marketing and servicing company.

          Our values

          •Marketing concept

          The fundamental demands from the customers determine the market. Adhere to the principle of customer first, unite around the customer, think what the customer's thinking, share the work and responsibility for the customer, use the company's overall strengths, including various resources and social capabilities, to effectively help customers achieve their current tasks and long-term goals.

          •Quality concept

          Our quality policy is "normative management, unceasing innovation, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction ".The process of continuously improving the quality level is the process of improving character and improving quality of enterprises and teams. Good quality of products is the guarantee of long - term recognition.

          •Cost concept

          We are engaged in a competitive filed, and we must have a competitive advantage over cost.

          We strive to save time, energy and money for our customers.

          •Term concept

          Team first, personal second. Our long-range dreams can only be achieved by a strong team, At the same time, Ocean is willing to provide a platform for all kinds of talents to learn and grow.

          Core values —— people-oriented, Good credibility,practical innovation, and keep improving.


          Firmly establish humanistic concept, pay attention to employees' health and safety, respect and maintain employees' personal interests, create conditions and support employees to realize self. Fulfill enterprise's social responsibility to employees.

          •Good credibility

          Integrity is the foundation of enterprise, quality is the foundation of establishing credibility. The company always adheres to the law, the customer first, with high quality products and good reputation, effectively enhances the company to participate in the market competition ability.

          •Practical innovation

          Innovation is the soul of enterprise. Brave breakthroughs, innovative development ideas, and transformation of development mode, the road of specialization, intensification, refinement and informationization is a strong guarantee for enterprises to keep the competitive power , sustainable and healthy development.

          •Keep improving

          We should keep our feet on the ground and do our job well, We will keep “craftsmanship spirit” throughout the development. Continuous pursuit of customer satisfaction, strong build a boutique brand.

          LOGO interpretation:

          Enterprise English name is OCEAN CHEMICAL, take the first letter of each words“O”and “C” to constitute the graphics. Peripheral circle is “O”, the square inside is a “C”. So the letters from outside to inside is just the short name “OC”. This logo gives an expression that we treat people sincerely with principles and we work flexibly with scientific method. The circle and the square inside mutually link with each other. The centre of logo is chemical flask, which stands for our company's business characteristic.